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Virtual Career Day

Bessemer Elementary School Needs YOU for Our

Virtual Career Day!!!

We are looking for individuals who would be willing to make a 3-5-minute video about their career for our upcoming Virtual Career Day on March 26, 2021!

Videos should include age-appropriate, interesting, and fun facts about your career. Please feel free to use any tools or visual props to help students get a visual of your career.

Once you have recorded your video, save it by titling it your career position, (i.e. Cosmetologist), upload it to YouTube and saved it as unlisted (not public). You may have to create an account with YouTube to make the video. Once you have finished, email me the link to the video for our school playlist. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at: or by phone at 336-375-2585.

Please let me know your intentions to participate in our Virtual Career Day by February 19th. All videos will need to be sent to me no later than March 12th. Thank you in advance for your participation and I look forward to sharing your video with students.

In your video, please include the following:

1. State your name and job title

2. Does your job require a high school, community college, technical college or 4-year degree?

3. What classes should I take to prepare for this career?

4. Do you work with other people or by yourself?

5. Why did you choose this job?

6. Describe your typical day

7. What is the most satisfying or exciting thing about your job?