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Outreach & Enrollment of Homeschoolers

As part of our Reconnect.Reopen.StaySafe. plan, GCS is inviting homeschool students who reside in Guilford County to enroll in one of the district’s new virtual schools or their assigned schools, which are based on where they live. This means they can either sign-up for one of our two new virtual schools by the September 15 deadline, or they can enroll in their assigned school and start participating in remote learning/online courses now, followed by in-person instruction when schools reopen.

While this opportunity isn’t new – North Carolina districts have had this option for some time and many of our surrounding districts have participated for several years – this is the first time that GCS has reached out to the parents/guardians of the nearly 3,800 Guilford County students (pre-COVID19) who are currently being homeschooled. The homeschool option is only being extended for virtual and assigned schools. Magnet schools and optional/criteria-based programs are not included in this program.

To be considered a part-time GCS student,  homeschooled students must enroll and attend – whether virtually or in-person (when schools reopen for in-person instruction) – for at least one-half of the school’s instructional day. While schedules vary slightly by school, a half-day typically equates to three or four class periods or courses. To be eligible, students must reside in Guilford County and provide proof of residency, immunizations and other required steps.  

Per the state’s student accounting manual, “a student must have a class schedule that is at least one half of the school’s instructional day. Students who have a schedule less than one half of an instructional day must be assigned as visiting students and will not be included in ADM (average daily membership).” GCS is not opening enrollment for homeschoolers who only want to take a class or two, or otherwise won’t amount to half of the instructional day.

Parents/guardians who are homeschooling may enroll their children online via the district’s student registration system: Parents/guardians may contact Student Assignment for more information at 336-370-8303 or email To find out what school assignments are for a specific address, parents/guardians may go to the 2020-2021 School Assignment Locator. Residency has to be confirmed by Student Assignment, however.

While we are encouraging interested students and their parents to contact Student Assignment for more information and for assistance with the enrollment process, scheduling will have to be handled at the school level. Principals and data managers must ensure that students are assigned the required number of courses, and should be able to provide the information included in this email upon request.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Assignment Office for more information at 336-370-8303 or email