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Reflections Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Reflections Winners for 2019-2020


State Level Winners

Literature- Olivia Mosca "Look Within Your Heart", 3rd place

Music Composition- Marcus X. Williams "Perception", 1st place

Photography- Gabby McIntyre "Window to My Past", 3rd place





Guilford County Winners


1st place- Gabby McIntyre "Window to My Past"

2nd place- Riley Wilson "A Bridge Within"


Visual Arts

3rd place- Ryan Dackson "Love"



1st place- Olivia Mosca "Look Within Your Heart"

2nd place- Sabreen Abdirhman "New Girls"

Honorable Mentions- Nora Guerrero "More than Skin Deep"
Heidi Baartz "She Sat there All Alone" 



1st place- Marcus X. Williams "Perception"

2nd place- Adhvika Karthik "Upside Down Blues"