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Health Updates

Colfax Steps:

  • Please email your child's teacher if your child tests positive for COVID-19.
  • You do not need to email the school for exposure. 
  • Our office staff will reach out to your family via email to collect some information and then we will submit any necessary information to the county.
  • Teachers will maintain contact with the family and ensure your child can access their work. Your child will have time to make up work upon their return as well, since getting better is the top priority.

Here is the updated guidance from our District and The BOE as of 9/1/22:

What to do if an individual tests positive for COVID-19:

  • Individual can return to school/work after 5 days from the first day of symptoms or the date he/she tested positive
  • Upon return to school/work, the individual is to wear a mask for 5 days
  • Principal/designee is to input the positive case into the portal & will need to collect some information from the parent/guardian

What to do if an individual is exposed to COVID-19per CDC guidelines:

  • If the individual does not have symptoms, he/she does not need to quarantine
  • Individual does NOT have to wear a mask
  • Schools are no longer required to have an isolation room