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January 8, 2023

Good evening Hornet families!

This is Mrs. Rogers calling with your updates for the week.

There will be no Battle of the Books, Quiz Bowl, or Chess club meetings during the month of January. Battle of the Books will resume the week of January 30th, Quiz Bowl will resume on February 3rd, and Chess Club on February 9. Battle of the Books students on the competition roster will meet for lunch bunch on Thursday, Jan 12, Monday, and Thursday, Jan 26.

Interim and NWEA Assessments will be occurring during the months of January and February. Dates will be shared in the team weekly newsletters. It is important that students are present and have their device on test days.

As a reminder: We will have a home basketball game against Southeast on Monday. There will be no school on January 16th. And the quarter ends on January 26th.

This concludes our announcements for the week. We thank you for choosing The Academy at Lincoln. Enjoy your evening.