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GCS Students Receive Duke TIP Recognition

44 GCS students have earned either state or grand recognition during their 2017 – 2018  7th Grade Talent Search.  Each year, Duke TIP identifies a group of academically talented students, in the US, based on their exceptional grade-level standardized test scores.  Only those who score at or above the 95th percentile qualify for the Duke TIP Talent Search program.  As a part of the Duke TIP Talent Search program, these seventh grade students take either the ACT or SAT, both of which are designed for college-bound eleventh and twelfth grade students. 
GCS had 156 students enrolled in the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search program, of these students, 105 took either the ACT or SAT.  Of those tested, 44 students received State Recognition.  Students meeting the state recognition level, earned ACT/SAT test scores that are approximately equal to the 50th national percentile rank for college-bound seniors taking the test.  Of the 105 GCS students tested, 3 students received Grand Recognition.  These three students reached the grand recognition level by earning scores that are approximately equal to the 90th national percentile rank for college-bound seniors. 
The only school with a student who received the Grand Recognition Level on the SAT is: 
Kernodle Middle 
The schools with students who received the Grand Recognition Level on the ACT include:
Southeast Middle 
Northwest Middle 

The schools with the number of students receiving a STATE Recognition Title include:

Ferndale Middle - 4 

Welborne Middle - 1

Southwest Middle - 1

Eastern Middle - 1 

The Academy at Lincoln - 10 

Swann Middle - 1 

Southeast Middle - 2

Mendenhall Middle - 3

Northwest Middle - 7

Kernodle - 8 

Northern Middle - 3 


Congratulations to all students and schools!!