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November Parent letter

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We are excited to welcome your child back to school for face to face instruction.  Our staff has been working diligently and we are as prepared as possible. We recognize these are stressful times. Please take comfort in knowing we will adhere to specific protocols to ensure the safety of staff and students.  As always, please be patient as many procedures will take longer than usual. You can help us by becoming familiar with these expectations and carefully reviewing them with your child.


  1. All students and staff must wear a face mask. Bus riders should have a mask on before getting on the bus. Car riders should have a mask on before stepping out of the car. Please make sure your child has a spare mask in their backpack. 
  2. A daily screening for possible symptoms and a temperature check will occur each day. Parents of bus riders will need to take child’s temperature and complete the attestation form before putting children on the bus. The form should be completed daily and can be found on ClassDojo, the PTA Facebook page as well as our school’s webpage. If the child has a fever, he/she cannot be placed on the school bus.  
  3. In the mornings, please pull into the parking lot on Williams Dairy Road and follow it to the front of the school. Arrival should take place between 7:25am-7:50am.
  4. Children who are car riders will have their temperature checked and the attestation form (questions about exposure) completed before parents leave the car rider line. When parents arrive at school they will be met at the car and your child’s temperature will be taken. If there is no fever, children will be walked into the building (small groups) and taken to their classroom. If your child does have a fever of 100.4 or higher in car rider line, your child can return to school, after doing one of the following……
  1. A) brings a note from a doctor saying the symptom is an alternative diagnosis other than COVID
  2. brings results of a negative COVID test
  3. child must quarantine 10 days at home if parents choose not to do A or B
  1. This is an unprecedented time in history, especially within schools; therefore, we are working to make our school a safe environment. We need your help to do this successfully. Please let us know if your child is not feeling well or if you have been in a situation where you could have been exposed to Covid -19. Please notify the teacher and your child will be able to log on remotely for the day(s). We are taking an additional measure and asking you to please keep children home if they are coughing and/or sneezing. Our goal is to provide the safest, healthiest environment for all children.
  2. Signage has been placed around the building conducting the flow of traffic in the hallways, ensuring proper distancing and limiting face-to-face contact. Some hallways are one way to ensure additional safety. 
  3. Classroom instructional spaces have been set-up, so students are 6 feet apart. 
  4. Students will stay together in homeroom groups with minimal movement around the building. 
  5. Specialists (music, PE, etc.) will come to the children, rather than children moving about the building.
  6. Breakfast and lunch will be dropped off at the classroom and students will eat in the classroom. All children may eat breakfast and lunch in school at no charge to you. Teachers no longer have refrigerators in their classrooms. Keep this in mind if you opt to pack your child’s lunch.
  7. Please send your child to school with a fully charged device as well as the charging cords. 
  8. All children may have a change of clothes in the event it is needed during the day. Clothes will be kept in their backpack. (Just be sure to change as the seasons change). This is a requirement for our Pre k and K friends who sometimes have accidents.
  9. We will continue with folders coming home on Thursday, so you can expect to receive Thursday folders.
  10. Teachers will notify you of their procedure for snacks.
  11. Due to social distancing, parents are discouraged from entering the school building. If your child is late, please call the school at 336 370-8151, contact the principal (Dr. Parker) at 336 382-3401 or contact the teacher - in this order. (Teachers typically do not have time to check messages during the instructional day).  A staff member will meet you at the front door, complete the check-in process and escort your child to class. If you need to pick your child up before the end of the school day, please inform the teacher the day before if possible, call the school once you arrive and a staff member will escort your child to you. The end of the school day is at 2:20 pm for bus riders and 2:30 for car riders. Plan to arrive no later than 2:40 p.m. We are dismissing from classrooms, which is a different procedure this year. Please pull into the car rider line and have the sheet of paper provided by your child’s teacher in the passenger window (salmon colored paper for Pre k-2, yellow colored paper for 3-5). We thank you in advance for your patience in car rider line. 
  12. Please make sure that the classroom teacher and Ms Goins has the most recent contact information and any information about allergies or medications. If your child requires medicine please complete the form found online at Please make sure you have updated the emergency contact information for your child and returned this information to school.
  13. Please review how to properly wear a mask. Masks should cover the mouth and nose and may have to be adjusted to ensure they stay in place. Please help your child understand that classrooms will look very different. Children are required to stay in their seat and assigned space due to social distancing. We understand that it may be difficult to remain in a seat most of the day so wiggle breaks and outside time will be provided on a regular basis.  Also, children will be provided “mask breaks” under guidelines and when it is safe to do so. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and brings a jacket each day.
  14. Bathroom and water breaks will also look very different. Please provide a labeled water bottle for your child’s use throughout the day. The bottle may be refilled using a water filling station. Water fountains are not accessible. Classes will have scheduled bathroom breaks, please help your child understand that it is important that the/she try to go at the designated time. There is a documentation process in order to monitor bathroom breaks; therefore, children will need to let teachers know if a restroom break is needed outside of the scheduled break time. Please remind your children to let teachers know if they need to go to the bathroom before it is an emergency
  15. While our school looks a lot different this year, we have had a Pre- K and a Kindergarten class face-to-face for the past several weeks. It is refreshing and encouraging to see how these children have adapted so well and are thriving!
  16. Any child that exhibits Covid-19 related symptoms or develops a fever during the school day, parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up. Please be available to come to school. Your child will be kept in a “Waiting Room”. This is a specific office we have designed as part of our district protocol standards.  Children who have a fever cannot be put on a school bus. Children will be able to return to school after they have adhered to one of the following…….
  1. brings a note from a doctor saying the symptom is an alternative diagnosis other than COVID
  2. brings results of a negative COVID test
  3. child must quarantine 10 days at home if parents choose not to do A or B
  1. Thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines!  As always, feel free to ask any questions or if you need clarification.