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Spelling Bee 2019

Fairview 2019 Spelling Bee 

Ms. Lockhart, the spelling bee champion and runner up pose for a picture.  Friday, January 4th - Angel Tamayo-Fryar is the 2019 Spelling Bee Champion at Fairview Elementary School.  The fifth grade scholar won by correctly spelling the word relax.  Fourth grade scholar Aileen Dominguez is the runner up. 


Spelling Bee's were held in all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms in December 2018. The Spelling Bee Officials included Judges Mrs. Tiffany Cole, Exceptioinal Children Teacher/Lead Beginning Teacher Mentor;  Siedah Holmes, Math Curriculum Facilitator; Titania Nix, Technology Specialist; and Rachael Sadlik, Reading Impact Specialist.  Oneeka Lockhart, Curriculum Facilitator served as the Pronouncer and Host of the school wide Spelling Bee.  The spelling bee followed Scripps National Spelling Bee rules. 

2019 Spelling Bee Participants

All scholars recieved participation certificates after the competition.  The champion and runner up will represent Fairview at the GCS District Spelling Bee on Wednesday, February 6th.


Classroom Competion Winner are as follows:


Ani'yah Bettis-Reese 3rd Grade (Maracin)

Aliz Castaneda Velazquez 3rd Grade (Burns)

Angela Terry - 3rd Grade (Hall)

Aileen Dominiguez - 4th Grade (Smith)

Hassan Hyat  - 4th Grade (Rice)

Kimora Jones -  4th Grade (True)

Isaiah Rogers - 5th Grade (Baughman)

Ozama Rehman - 5th Grade (Harris)

Angel Tamayo-Fryar - 5th Grade (Payne)