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FoodCorp 2019


Written by Jordan Jones

Photography by Jordan Jones

Fairview Garden

FoodCorps is a non-profit organization that was founded ten years ago in 2009. FoodCorps has a mission to connect children in schools across the nation with healthy food. They accomplish this mission through provided hands-on lessons for children (garden and nutrition based), cafeteria presence, and helping to create a school-wide culture of health. Seven out of ten students who participated in FoodCorps lesson last year had improved attitude for making healthier choices and trying new things.

Ms. Jordan and Fairview Scholar during FoodCorp Activities. Kamal Bell Founder of Sankofa Farms visits with Scholars.  

At Fairview, students enjoying cooking in the classrooms, eating healthy snacks, and gardening. In March, the students enjoyed a visit from Kamal Bell, the founder of Sankofa Farms in Efland, NC. Kindergarten, Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students participate in the FoodCorps lessons.

Jordan Jones with Kamal Bell of Sankofa Farms.    FoodCorp representative Jordan Jones serves scholars fresh food from Fairview's Garden

Jordan Jones is the FoodCorps AmeriCorps service member for 2018-2019 at Fairview Elementary School. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Master of Science in Agriculture Education. Jordan believes in the power of education and that everyone should know where their food comes from.