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Colonial Learning

In the words of our kindergarten students, "Today was the BEST day ever!" 


Over the past few weeks, they have been learning about Colonial Towns & Townspeople. To end our unit, we decided to make our very own Colonial Town where each class picked a specific tradesperson to showcase. In preparation for our culminating day, students in each class completed an activity in their classroom specific to their tradesperson, to put on display for the tour. 


Today, each class went on a Tour Around Town where they immediately were able to name each tradesperson, the materials they use, and specific details about their skill. The kids absolutely loved seeing our beautifully crafted town and what their friends created! Not only did they get to go on a tour, but they received an activity from each classroom to take home with them. 


This is what they received from each classroom!
Housebuilders: A house to decorate, where they get to decide if they want to be a carpenter, mason, or bricklayer. 

Bakers: Instructions for how to make their very own Fairy Bread.

Spinners & Weavers: Yarn and directions for how to weave together their very own bracelet. 

Cobblers: A shoe cut out with hole punches and lace for them to practice and master being able to tie their own shoes. 

Dressmakers & Tailors: A cut out of a person where they get to design their very own clothes and dress up their person. 

They had a blast and we are confident they will never forget what they learned about Colonial Towns & Townspeople! 


Spinners & Weavers




Ballou's class

Mebane's Class

Head "Colonists"