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Weekly Announcements from Ms. Keels

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 Greetings GCMC Families,

 I hope everybody is doing well. Again, I know that this is a new normal for everyone and everyone is doing the best they can to keep things  as normal as possible under the current circumstances. I know that there are a lot of questions about the impact and implications of COVID-19 for Seniors, grades, graduation, and so forth. I am aware of the recommendations made by the State, however our district is working hard on determining what that means for students of GCS. Nonetheless, I encourage students to continue their learning and working with the teachers to complete online assignments. If students are continuing their work, it can eliminate any questions about meeting graduation requirements once a final decision is made. One thing I appreciate about the students of Greensboro College Middle College is how they value learning as not just letter grades and points, but learning to them is about expanding your knowledge and challenging your thinking. It’s, about being creative and applying academic skills to real-life. I know that GCMC students will continue to strive towards completing their work, and keep growing because they understand what true learning is really about.


Your teachers are working really hard to keep your learning going. This is all very new to them as well. They way the have done education for years, changed in a matter of weeks.  But, they too understand that learning is a life-long commitment. They too are learning. So, whatever the state, or the district decides GCMC students, especially seniors, will be prepared to move on to the next level and no doubt be ready to meet graduation requirements because they stayed the course along this very difficult journey.


I am proud of how well students and teachers are doing so far.  I do check CANVAS daily. We can do this, together. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers, all of them. I am also available by email. I will keep you posted on any updates I get on graduation, grading processes, etc… Unfortunately Prom has been cancelled, but feel free to send me your latest tik-tok dance moves. My son has given up on me, because somewhere in time he became a better dancer than me! I don’t know when it happened, but I am not taking it well.


Again, we miss you!  We love you! Take care.


Love and Peace,
Ms. Keels