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Register for Virtual Learning

To Apply to Remain Remote in SchoolMint:

Go to Website:

Log in

From Student Dashboard, locate your child’s name.

Click the EDIT/ADD NEW STUDENT APPLICATION link located beside your child’s name

Select the school year: 2020-2021

Update/Verify the grade level to current grade level

Update/Verify the current school to Grimsley

Click NEXT


Important Steps:

A school will be preselected. It will either be Grimsley or the student’s districted school based on address. No matter which school is selected, UNSELECT and instead SELECT E LEARNING PREP ACADEMY 9-12.

Follow the prompts and Click Submit Application.

You will receive a message stating you are applying for E Learning Prep Academy.

Click Submit again.

At this point, Schoolmint should return to the Student Dashboard.

Immediately, you should receive an email stating that you have successfully applied for the E Learning Academy.

Within 24 hours, you should receive another email offering your child a seat at the E Learning Academy. You must click ACCEPT in order to be considered remote for the remainder of the school year.

If you do not receive the offer to ACCEPT within 24 hours, call Student Assignment 336-370-8303.


Note: Applying to the E Learning Academy allows your child to learn remotely all 5 days each week.

Applying to the E Learning Prep Academy 9-12 does not change your child’s enrollment at Grimsley High School. Your child will remain enrolled at Grimsley, continue with their current schedule and current teachers.




how to log into schoolmint

Next screen: Verify Registration at Grimsley and Click Next.

intructions for registering for remote learning

Next screen, Select Registration to choose the Virtual Option:  

Instructions for registering for remote learning


Frequently asked question:  

If student wants to be remote for now, will they be given the option to change their mind as the situation changes? 


If a student wants to come to in-person learning, but then decides it is too much, can they opt into remote learning later? 


Short answer for now: There are many efforts going into setting up our classrooms to be safe. It will be easier to opt out later, than to opt in later. 


have questions about Student Re-Entry?  

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