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Grimsley Transportation Plans & FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is happening?

A. GCS has temporarily suspended school bus service for 8 high schools starting Monday morning, January 10, due to a severe bus driver shortage that has worsened as COVID-19 cases increase in our community.

Parents/guardians at affected high schools are asked to bring their children to school. Thanks to a new partnership with the City of Greensboro and the City of High Point, GCS high school students may also use city buses for free by showing their student identification cards, also known as One Cards.
Transportation service is not affected for students who attend elementary and middle schools, high schools located outside of city transportation services, students with disabilities (EC students) who receive special transportation and most magnet school students.

The list of eight affected schools is provided below:

Students who live in the City of High Point and attend:

• Andrews High School*
• High Point Central *
• Kearns Academy*

Students who live in the City of Greensboro and attend:


• Dudley High School*
• Grimsley High School * Click Here For Grimsley Transporation Plan
• Page High School*
• Smith High School*
• The Academy at Smith*

*Magnet School students who live outside the city are not impacted and will continue to receive GCS yellow bus transportation

Q. I live in the county (outside of the city), but attend one of the magnet programs within one of the city high schools listed above. Will I receive GCS yellow bus transportation?

A. Yes, magnet school students who live outside the city are not impacted and will continue to receive GCS yellow bus transportation.

Q. Why is this happening?

A. There is a national shortage of school bus drivers who must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and other qualifications. The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in our community has made this shortage even worse.

Q. Can I take my student to school?

A. Yes. We are asking all GCS parents and families to drive their children to school if possible. This will help us continue providing transportation to the students who have no access to public transportation.

Q. How long will this go on?

A. We will restore school bus transportation service to all schools as quickly as possible. However, the course of the pandemic and its impact on our community remain difficult to predict.

Q. My child has never ridden public transportation before. Where can I get more information about public transportation bus stops, routes and times?

A. For Greensboro routes: It is easy to find your route by using Google Maps which has a direct connection to GTA. Download Google Maps for Android or Google Maps for Apple. Click here for more information about Greensboro routes. GTA has also put together a helpful website for our students and families which can be accessed here. They are also offering a LiveStream on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube on Sunday at 5pm.

For High Point routes: Routes can be found using Google Maps or click here to use the HPT Moovit app

Q. My child is in high school and attends one of the schools on the list. She has a disability and an IEP (individual education plan). Does she still get transportation?

A. It depends on whether your child’s IEP or 504 plan specifies special transportation. Generally, students with disabilities who receive services in self-contained classes or who are served in one of our four public separate schools receive transportation as part of their IEP.

Families will be notified this weekend to confirm these services. If your child has this IEP service, but you have not received a call by Sunday at 2 p.m., parents/guardians can call the EC office at 336-370-2323.


Click Here For Grimsley Transporation Plan

Ged O'Donnell, Principal