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Senior Portraits - Class of '25



What’s Included In My Session Fee?

The fee you pay for your session covers the cost of  your photo shoot. If you’ve selected a Most Popular  or an Elite Session, all of your senior session images  will include retouching. Prints, packages, and wall art are an additional charge.

What Is A Senior Session?

A senior session is your scheduled photo shoot at a Cady location or at your school. It could be basic–including yearbook and one casual scene–or an AMAZING model experience with makeup and hair styling, all of our scenes, and a private photographer.

How Do I Schedule My Senior Session?

Visit We’ve made scheduling your session a breeze. Payment is due at the time of scheduling, so have your credit card ready. We recommend you complete your session before school starts. The lines at the studio are longer during the later summer months and in the fall.

How Do I Prepare?

Once you’ve booked your session, it’s time to decide what you’re going to wear. This is the time to show off your personality and what makes you unique. Schedule a hair appointment or get your nails done a few days before your session and be sure to get plenty of rest the night before. 

How Do I Schedule  A Cap & Gown Session?

For you convenience, we’ll include a free Cap & Gown Session during your Senior Session. Our Cap & Gown images are released right before you graduate in Spring 2024 and can be purchased at that time. Cap & Gown prints, packages, and retouching are not included with any Senior Session purchases. Some schools choose to offer on-campus sessions.  You can visit to see when we will be at your school. School sessions have a limited number of scenes available. If it’s a possibility for you, we recommend scheduling a session at one of our studios so that you can take advantage of all of our scene options and enjoy the full studio experience--it’s only your senior year once, after all.

Do I Need To Bring My Own  Cap & Gown, Pearls, And Tux?

Nope! We will provide everything you need for these scenes–cap, gown, tassel, tuxedo, shirt, bow tie, drape, and pearls. Tux: bring a white undershirt Drape: bring a spaghetti-strap or strapless tank Traditional Or Elite? This is your year, and you get to decide which session  f its you best. If you’re a fan of the basics, one of our Traditional sessions might be for you. If you want the Ultimate Experience with your own private photographer for the day, an Elite Session is the way to go.

What Do I Bring?

Whatever you like! (as long as it’s legal) We want these photos to showcase your personality, so feel free to bring different outfits, friends & family, pets, and props that reflect your interests (books, sports equipment, musical instruments, trophies, etc). Check out more ideas at

What About My Yearbook Photo?

No matter which session type you select, we will photograph you in multiple poses in whatever scenes you’ve picked. Log in to your dashboard at to select your yearbook photo.

How Do I See My Photos?

Once you complete your session, your Senior Session photos will go through processing before they are available for viewing. If you select a Traditional Session, you will receive a mailed portfolio with all of your Senior Session  proofs for viewing. If you select a Most Popular or Elite Session, you will schedule a time to return to the studio  to view your Image Presentation

Matt Ringrose