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News for Seniors


Graduation Letter for Parents and Guests


Grimsley will forward your Official Final Transcript to the college of your choice.  The transcript will be sent electronically if the college accepts electronic transcripts.  If they do not, your transcript will be mailed.  However, you must submit a request on ScribOrder on or before June 14, 2019. Please contact Ms. Duncan in Counseling with any questions. 



Care of Cap and Gown:    Do not open the package until you get home.  Otherwise you will lose the tassel.  Tassels will cost $15 for replacement.  Girls: throw away the little white collar in the package with your cap and gown.  You will NOT need it. Stoles will be distributed at Senior Awards. Hang up your gown so the creases can “fall out”.  Do NOT wash, dry, steam, iron, or dry clean your gown.  The best way to get out any creases or wrinkles is to hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  Tassel goes on the right of the cap when on your head.  Caps are worn flat on your head.  Put NOTHING on the top of the cap.



Senior Awards –   May 28 9:00 am Attendance REQUIRED. Arrive by 8:15. 

Seniors will wear caps and gowns and appropriate attire (see back).  Bring NOTHING with you. 

Bring only yourself and your cap and gown. No bags or backpacks. Stoles will be given out at this time. THERE WILL BE NO CHEWING OF GUM DURING THE AWARDS. You are to remain standing until someone tells you to sit. This is true for all of our ceremonies. You will not be allowed to leave your seat at ANY event during the ceremonies.

 PHOTOS: The 2nd part of the program is for the presentation of school scholarships and awards. If you receive a trophy or plaque you will proceed to the stage to receive it. Once you receive it you will be directed off-stage and down a staircase to the props room (under the stage), where a photographer will take your photo holding the trophy before sending you back upstairs to take your seat in the audience. After the ceremony ends, the photographer will be available in the front lobby outside the auditorium, in case you or your parents would like additional photos taken with your trophy or plaque (these photos will be available for purchase)

TROPHY RETURN: After the awards assembly, please bring the school trophies and plaques to the first floor lobby in the Main Building, where they will be collected. The trophies will be on permanent display at Grimsley.


Graduation Practice – June 5   2:00 pm Special Events Center    

 Attendance REQUIRED.  Casual dress.  Arrive by 1:45 pm.  Do NOT be late. Tickets will be distributed. Each graduate receives 7 tickets.  All who attend Graduation, except for children under the age of 1, MUST have a ticket to attend. Anyone with a counterfeit ticket will be denied entrance.  Fees due for delinquent obligations must be paid in the Main Office BEFORE Wednesday or you will not be able to practice. When you do pay for fees, you should keep your receipt and have it at practice. Listen for announcements concerning additional tickets.  Tickets are FREE. Do NOT sell or purchase graduation tickets.


Convocation – June  6   7:00pm   GHS Auditorium  Attendance REQUIRED.   

Cap and Gown (same as Senior Awards).  Arrive by 6:30 pm.  We will line up as we did for senior awards and graduation practice. We will march in, hear a speaker, give out some honorary awards, march out, and then proceed to a reception.



Graduation – June 7   12:30 pm Coliseum Special Events Center

Cap and Gown (same as Senior Awards).  You should be in line for Graduation 11:45 – this means in the Special Events Center, not the parking lot.


Project Graduation – June 7  7:30 pm – 2:00 am $10 ticket & t-shirt


Dress Code for Senior Awards, Convocation, and Graduation:

No jeans, no tennis shoes, and no casual sandals.

GENTLEMEN must wear a white dress shirt and tie with dark dress pants, dark socks, and dark dress shoes.

LADIES should wear a scoop neck or v-neck white dress or appropriate nice dress underneath the gown: no bold patterns or colors that will show through the robe. If your dress is longer than the gown, it must be WHITE.

Ladies shoes should be black, blue, tan or white dress shoes (no bright colors, no tennis shoes, boots, loafers, flip-flops or casual sandals). Be mindful of the height of your heels.  You will have to walk up and down stairs.  Save the 4+ inch heels for another event. Ladies, bring hair pins to keep the cap on properly.

Graduates will be “on display” to the visitors and should look proud of themselves. Caps are to be worn flat on your head with the tassel on the right. Do NOT put anything on the top of the cap. Be careful not to lose your stole or tassel. You will need both for all ceremonies. Replacement tassels are $15.


Graduation Notes:

  • All attendees MUST present a ticket. There are no admissions without tickets. Anyone presenting counterfeit tickets will be denied entrance.
  • Bring no purses, no cameras, no phones, no chewing gum, no flowers, no balloons, no noisemakers, no nothing except you. No other tassels, stoles (except for National Honor Societies, IB) are allowed.
  • Please advise your friends and relatives that the graduation ceremony is a formal event. It is appropriate behavior to honor the entire class, not individuals, as they receive their diploma Please ask them to honor your class by exhibiting formal behavior. Whistling, loud outbursts, getting up and moving around and blocking other people’s view are inappropriate and offensive. No balloons or noise makers of any kind are allowed.


Faculty Graduation name readers: If your name is often mispronounced, see your person and give them a phonetic spelling of your name.


Abdelgadir- Comfort (COURTS) 
Cook – Gram                   (DICKERSON) 
Hadas- Lesane               (GEORGE)                                    Lewis – J Myers             (INGRAM)
R Myers – Simpson     (WADE)
Skaggs – Young             (ENRIGHT)