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Board Revises Traditional, Non-Traditional Calendar For 2020-21


July 28, 2020 – Guilford County Schools has finalized calendar changes for the 2020-21 school year that were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and related legislation.

In May, Senate Bill 704 changed the start date for the 2020-21 traditional academic school year to August 17 statewide, and required districts to add five days of instruction, without adding days to teacher contracts. The new state law also mandated that districts identify five days of remote instruction and announce them in advance to parents. 

Traditional academic calendar schools will begin on August 17 with nine weeks of remote learning. For this year only, four schools that are typically on an extended-year calendar will also follow the traditional academic calendar: Allen Jay Middle, Brooks Global Studies, Johnson Street Global Studies and Washington Montessori.

Ten-month employees will return with two optional teacher workdays August 10 and 11, in response to feedback from teachers during the public comment period. This will give staff more time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Mandatory workdays are August 12 and 13.

Remote learning would continue until Oct. 20, pending a review of public health data and trends, or until the school board determined it was safe to resume in-person instruction. Additional remote instruction days have been planned for Oct. 19, Dec. 23, Feb. 15 and June 4; these days could also be used as inclement weather make-up days as needed to meet state legal requirements. If the district closes for inclement weather, those days would automatically become remote learning days. Under the new traditional academic calendar, the last day of school would be June 3.

The school board also approved updates to the district’s non-traditional calendars, which will begin on August 5 with remote instruction. Schools will continue remote instruction until Oct. 19, the start of the second grading period.