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Internet Hubs and Elementary, Middle School Learning Centers to Close

Guilford County Schools (GCS) is starting the re-entry process, and part of that preparation will require the district to close the internet hubs and some learning centers in order to prepare schools to receive students on October 20.

The internet hubs and learning centers were opened in schools in neighborhoods with poor internet connectivity, giving the students the opportunity to use school internet and technology to complete assignments.

“Over the past several weeks, GCS has been able to help students access devices and the internet through our learning centers and internet hubs,” said Tony Watlington, chief of schools. “As we transition into welcoming students back into classrooms, we hope this opportunity has been a helpful option for families who need this resource.”

GCS does plan on continuing to operate and even expand the number of learning centers at high school campuses through January 2021. Guilford County Schools will allow high school students attending learning centers at elementary or middle school locations to reserve a seat at a high school learning center.

The last day learning centers will be operated at elementary and middle schools will be Oct. 9. The last day internet hubs will be open will be Oct. 10.