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Guilford County Voters Pass School Bond Ballot Item

Following the successful passage of a $300 million school bond proposal on yesterday’s ballot, Superintendent Sharon Contreras issued the following statement:

“On behalf of our students, principals, teachers and staff, I want to thank the voters of Guilford County for taking this important first step in addressing our school facility needs,” said Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras. “The bonds approved by voters on Tuesday are an important first step in ensuring all Guilford County students benefit from safe, quality learning environments for years to come.”

In addition to voters, Contreras thanked the Guilford County Board of Education, Guilford County Commissioners, the SMART Campaign Committee, and the hundreds of volunteers who worked to secure passage of the school bonds and the ¼-cent sales tax, which voters did not approve.

“We remain committed to the priorities established in our master facilities plan,” said Contreras, noting that the average age of a school in Guilford County is 54 years old and current seniors were kindergartners when the last school bonds were approved. “We will continue to engage our communities as the Board of Education develops a path forward in partnership with our colleagues on the Board of County Commissioners.”