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GCS Seeking High School Students Who Can Serve as Math Tutors

Dec. 16, 2020 -- As school districts, teachers and parents continue to seek innovative opportunities to address learning loss experienced during school closures, Guilford County Schools is launching a unique opportunity for current high school math students to serve as remote tutors from their own homes. 

Data released from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes shows that students could be losing as much as 232 days in math in an online learning setting. A recent blog published by Education Next (December, 2020) indicates that tutoring is the most effective education intervention ever studied.

The average effect of tutoring programs on academic achievement is larger than roughly 85 percent of other education interventions. Other benefits of tutoring include social-emotional development and exposure to older peers in a mentor-mentee role. 

GCS already has data showing that its students are struggling more this year compared to past years. The goal of the tutoring program is to serve as one more structure to help support students during remote learning.

“I have said all along that combatting the learning loss we’re seeing during this pandemic will require large scale tutoring efforts in the form of a national tutoring corps,” said Dr. Sharon L. Contreras, Superintendent, noting that she hopes GCS’ initiative will serve to encourage the implementation of tutoring corps across North Carolina and nationally. “Efforts to accelerate learning and build relationships with students remain at the forefront of our work as a district.”

The district has already launched an initial effort to build a tutoring corps in conjunction with NC A&T State University and other local universities that will hire college students to serve as math tutors for GCS students.

Now GCS has an immediate need for high school students who are willing to become math tutors for younger students. High school students would tutor younger students taking fourth grade math through the NC Math I level while getting paid and earning course credit without leaving their home.

To apply, students must meet certain criteria:

  • Enrolled in an AP or IB math class with a “B” grade or above.
  • Enrolled in other math college math class with a “B” grade or above.
  • Enrolled in 4th level math class (Math 4, Discrete, or Pre-Calculus) with “B” or above.

Students will receive .5 credits for tutoring five hours a week or 1.0 credit for tutoring ten hours a week. Students will also be paid $10 an hour. Interested GCS students should apply here. Contact Mandy Luck ( with questions.