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Democracy Matters

Dear GCS Family:

As events continue to unfold at the U.S. Capitol, we are reminded once again that our democracy is fragile and that today and every day, bold leadership is needed. But let us also remember that our hope for our great democracy lies with our commitment to the motto that binds us together as a nation: e pluribus unum – out of many, one. 

As GCS and public school employees, let us renew our commitment to our nation’s ideals as we once again guide our students and our community through difficult days. As educators, we must reassure our students that our great democracy perseveres. That we will keep them safe. And, that we will continue to provide them with an education that will allow them to fully participate in the preservation of our democracy and the perfection of our union. 

Our district leadership team is gathering age-appropriate resources from academics, social and emotional learning, and student support services to help our educators guide our children and young people in the days ahead. We are also posting tip sheets for parents on our website that have been developed by school psychologists to help guide discussions on tough topics

Tonight, we are profoundly shaken. But tomorrow we will continue strengthening our nation, one classroom at a time, one lesson at a time, one student at a time. 


For all children,


Sharon L. Contreras, PhD


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