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Board of Education Approves Traditional Calendars

March 25, 2021 – Calendars for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school year were approved by the Guilford County Schools (GCS) Board of Education on Thursday.

The two approved calendars can be found here and here.

The proposed calendars designed to comply with current state law and a state reporting deadline of April 1. With legislation and plans still pending regarding summer programming and learning loss mitigation due to the pandemic, employees, parents and the public should recognize these calendars are subject to change.

The calendars adhere to the state’s calendar law, which dictates start and end dates, required state holidays, teacher and employee annual leave days, instructional hours or days and teacher contract days. Per state law, school districts across the state must communicate school start and end dates by April 1.

However, legislation is still pending at the North Carolina General Assembly that could impact state calendars. In addition, if the restart applications approved by the school board this evening are approved by the state, the district plans to use the calendar flexibility given to these schools to improve student learning outcomes and mitigate against learning loss. 

Last spring, for example, the state legislature directed all schools to start a week earlier and added five additional instructional days after school calendars had been approved by the GCS and other districts. Currently, the state legislature is considering summer school legislation. GCS and other districts are also seeking more flexibility from state laws governing school start and end dates. District leaders are also considering calendar changes as one of several learning loss mitigation strategies.

District administrators plan to bring amended calendars to the school board GCS next month, along with non-traditional and restart school calendars.

“These calendars represent an exercise in compliance with state regulations and should not be used by staff, parents or community members for planning purposes,” said Nora Carr, chief of staff. “Too many variables are still up in the air to consider these final. I would view them as temporary – as proxies that will be completed later this spring.”