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GCS Employees are Knocking It Out of the Park

all stars graphicApril 30, 2021 – In Guilford County Schools, we know it takes a winning team to bring learning to life. So during Employee Appreciation Month this May, we enthusiastically proclaim, “We See You, GCS All-Stars!”

“As a team, our employees are knocking it out of the park, and we designate the month of May to celebrate them,” says Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras. “We want to hear about the teachers, administrators and support personnel who consistently hit home runs for our students.”

During the month of May, GCS will celebrate all employees using the hashtag #GCSAllStars, and we invite parents and community members to do the same. The public may also email their stories of outstanding employees to

GCS employs nearly 10,000 individuals who feed, transport, educate and support nearly 70,000 students. In the past year, employees have faced incredible challenges yet remained flexible and creative as students began to return to in-person instruction. We are grateful to our staff, students and parents – together, we are batting 1,000!

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