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GCS Celebrating the Best of the Best

Greensboro, N.C. – It’s time to celebrate! After everything educators have endured over the past two years, Celebration of Excellence returns to celebrate those educators making an impact on students in tremendous ways. Celebration of Excellence will happen at Grimsley High on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 5 p.m.

The celebration will include a reception, spirit parade and program filled with music and awards. Music will be performed by teachers from the district. Board Vice-Chair Winston McGregor will open the program and Superintendent Sharon Contreras will deliver remarks. This event will be open to GCS employees.

Winners will be named in six categories: Counselor of the Year, Mentor of the Year, Rookie Teacher of the Year, Assistant Principal of the Year, Principal of the Year and Teacher of the Year.

The finalists for the awards are:

Counselor of the Year:

            Melinda Hooper – Oak Ridge Elementary

            Lashana Richards – Guilford eLearning University Prep

            Galissia Graves – Middle College at UNCG

Mentor of the Year:

            Karyle Miller – Northeast High

            Kristina Biddle – Bluford-Peeler Elementary

            Ideana Glenn – Falkener Elementary

            Carmyn Glynn – Sumner Elementary

Rookie Teacher of the Year:

            Minh McNicholas – Northwest Middle

            Briana Davis – Southwest Elementary

            Betsey Altman – Welborn Middle

            Neha Muraly – Dudley High

Assistant Principal of the Year:

            Charnelle Shephard – Penn-Griffin School for the Arts

            Chase Arrington – Western Middle

            Candace Hudson – Page High

            Whitney Sluder – Weaver Academy

            Felicia Bowser – Mendenhall Middle

Principal of the Year:

            Carla Flores-Ballesteros – Allen Jay Elementary

            Trent Vernon – Jamestown Middle

            KaTrinka Brown – Jackson Middle

            Marcus Gause – Andrews High

            Abe Hege – Fairview Elementary

 Teacher of the Year:

            Tom Anderson – Christine Joyner-Greene Education Center

            Marcia Moyd-Williams – Gillespie Park Elementary

            Shanice Foye – Northeast High

            Leah Carper – Northern High

            Tyrelle Lee – Southeast Middle

            Melissa Mann – Western Middle

 The winners of the respective categories will win a monetary prize. The Principal and Teacher of the Year will move on to a regional competition as well. The district will follow safety protocols including limiting seating and providing outdoor viewing of the program.