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Board of Education Approves Policies Related to Parents Bill of Rights

November 14, 2023 – The Guilford County Board of Education voted to approve the following policies after sending them out for public comment.

The proposed revisions to policies relating to Parent Involvement, Parent Notification – Withholding Consent, and Comprehensive Health Education are to comply with the requirements of N.C. Session Law 2023-106 (S49), the “Parents’ Bill of Rights.”

Parent Involvement Policy 1310/4002 contains a number of revisions including:

  • Clarifying existing language that each school's improvement plan includes a parental involvement plan.
  • Clarifying existing language regarding parental communication related to behavior, attendance, instructional materials, school activities, and if a student is suspected to be the victim of a crime.
  • A new requirement for an annually updated parent guide for student achievement based on guidelines issued by the State Board of Education.
  • New provisions related to parental notifications regarding student physical and mental health.
  • A new section describing the method for parents to resolve concerns if they believe school or school system procedures or practices violate Part 4 of Article 7B of Chapter 115C in the General Statutes.
  • New timelines for responses to parent requests for information.
  • A link to community services available to parents.


Revisions to the Parent Notification Policy 1311/4003 include an updated list of activities requiring written parental permission, including participation in surveys containing certain types of protected information, administering medication and off-campus trips.

Finally, Comprehensive Health Education Program Policy 3540 revisions include:

  • A new state requirement prohibiting instruction on gender identity, sexual activity or sexuality in the curriculum for grades Kindergarten through fourth.
  • A clarification that "curriculum" includes the standard course of study and instructional materials but does not include responses to student-initiated questions, communications unconnected to the curriculum or other statements protected by law.
  • Clarification that information conveyed during health instruction will be based on objective, scientific information accepted by professionals and experts in the field.