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School Nutrition Staff Will Return to Schools Tomorrow

November 28, 2023 – Guilford County Schools (GCS) received confirmation this afternoon that school nutrition workers will return to work tomorrow, Nov. 29.


“We are grateful to our hard-working employees for their decision to return,” said Dr. Whitney Oakley, superintendent. “We know they share our commitment to students’ well-being, and we look forward to continuing to serve students together.”


District leadership continued conversations today regarding the plan for a 4% rate increase for school nutrition assistants and a 7% rate increase for school nutrition managers. In addition to the rate increase, school nutrition managers will receive a quarterly bonus by increasing the number of meals served. This bonus is separate and in addition to the rate increase described above. The superintendent will launch an advisory council for school nutrition employees for ongoing discussions and feedback on how to improve our services to students and create a positive working environment.


“We want to thank the school nutrition staff who came to work, and the school-based employees, parents, central office staff, university partners and community members who volunteered to make sure students did not go hungry during the work stoppage,” Oakley said. “Many of our children count on GCS for at least two meals per day, and our team came together to meet this need.”


Advocating for fair compensation for all public school employees is an ongoing effort. The district is committed to continuing to have conversations with the county and other state and federal leaders to address pay concerns for all employees as part of the budget process.