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Board of Education Approves 2024-2025 Budget Proposal

May 7, 2024 –  As federal pandemic relief dollars sunset, The Guilford County Schools (GCS) Board of Education unanimously approved proposed a plan to keep critical programs afloat and increase pay for staff while grappling with mandatory increased funding disbursements to charter schools.

On Tuesday night, the board and Dr. Oakley heard from the public about the recommendation, which includes an estimated operating funding increase request of $40.3 million for legally required and sustaining operations costs increases, an increase in teacher supplements, an increase to the classified staff salary plan, continued safety and tutoring initiatives, start-up costs for new schools and an increase in the charter school allotment.

Nearly $44 million dollars of the district’s 2024-2025 proposed operating budget is for charter schools, a state-mandated subsidy. The proposal also highlights efforts to replace 30-year-old legacy systems, modernize operations to run efficiently and reduce long-term costs including replacing outdated systems, consolidation of central office buildings and schools as well as improving transportation efficiency. If approved, $17.7 million in capital outlay funds would support HVAC and building repairs, roof repairs, vehicle and equipment replacements and system-wide site work. 

The budget proposal now heads to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. If approved, the district’s 2024-25 local current expense fund, including the county appropriation would be $304,589,218. Federal funding is estimated at $91,557,348 and state funds are projected to be $485,033,601 pending final approval from the North Carolina General Assembly. Combined with the Special Revenue fund, Capital Outlay fund and enterprise funds – which are programs that make their own money, such as School Nutrition, ACES, and the Special Revenue Fund – the district’s proposed budget is $967,676,345.  

The county will hold its public hearing on the budget on June 6 and must approve a final local budget by July 1. GCS anticipates adopting an interim budget resolution at the June 27 board meeting to continue operations in the new fiscal year while awaiting the state’s adoption and allocation of a final budget. Once the final local and state budgets are allocated, the Board of Education will adopt a final budget resolution at which time, all changes in salary would be paid retroactively.