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GCS Report Card Reflect Corrected Grades Following State Programming Error

Revised report cards will be sent home to parents on Friday, Feb. 8

Greensboro, N.C. – A statewide programming error in the North Carolina student information system, called PowerSchool, caused some miscalculations in averaging GCS students’ grades for first and second quarter this school year. When parents receive their students’ report cards on Friday, however, they will see the corrected grade information.

The programming error did not change individual scores entered by teachers directly, but it calculated some averages incorrectly, which in turn could affect the letter grade and Grade Point Average a student earns.

Of the more than 380,000 grades entered by district teachers into the system, about 9.9 percent, or around 37,500 calculations, were affected by the state programming error, which has now been corrected. The recalculations resulted in 7,937 letter grade changes — 4,563 letter grades increased while 3,374 letter grades decreased. 

The recalculated averages are being used to determine students’ semester grades, with one exception: Students whose first quarter grades drop from a passing grade to an F will be “held harmless” and will receive the passing grade. This affects fewer than 340 students in GCS.

“Given that the error occurred at the state level and that F grades carry the most significant impact on students, we believe this is the fairest and most humane approach,” said Brian Schultz, chief academic officer.

The calculation error affected more than 109 districts and 59 charter schools across the state, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.