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Fourteen GCS Schools Returned This Week


August 8, 2019 – The first days of school are here! On Wednesday, students from 11 early colleges, middle colleges and academies returned to class for the 2019-20 school year. Then on Thursday, students at three extended-year schools began their 2019-20 school years, which incorporate 20 extra days of instruction.

Click the links below for all GCS 2019-20 calendars:

Several GCS schools will return on a different bell schedule than in previous years. The three middle colleges on a GTCC campus will have earlier start times to ensure they meet the state’s minimum number of instructional hours for students. In previous years those requirements were waived for Cooperative Innovative High Schools like these, but that waiver is no longer in effect.

Southwest High and Southwest Middle schedules were changed to alleviate traffic congestion and Twilight schedules were adjusted to reflect the expansion of services to three locations this school year.

The additional five minutes of instruction added last year remain for 2019-20 in order to give the district more flexibility in meeting state requirements when inclement weather causes cancellations or delays. By state law, schools must provide 1,025 hours of instructional time to students each year.  

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