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Good Morning Jaguar Family,

Guilford County Schools is seeking input from students, employees, and community partners as the district prepares its annual federal programs application.  We invite you to answer three questions regarding the districts goal areas below:


Goal I: Increase the percentage of students who will read proficiently by end of 3rd grade

Goal II: Incoming 6th grade students will pass NC Math I with a C or better by end of their 9th grade year

Goal IV: Of the 25 lowest performing schools, increase the number that meet or exceed growth from 16 to 22.

Goal V: Decrease the achievement gap between black and Hispanic males and their white counterparts by 2 percentage points


The survey will close Friday, May 29, 2020.

(When you click on the link above scroll down until you see a computer icon that says "survey". You will click on the icon and you can begin the survey).
Thank you!