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EOG/EOC Frequently Asked Questions

EOG/EOC Frequently Asked Questions


I missed the EOG Parent Information Session. Where can I view the recording?

 You can view the recording here (EOG Parent Information Session Recording)


What happens if I don’t have a medical exception and don’t take the test?

While there is no opt-out provision for EOC/EOG testing in North Carolina, if your child does not test, he/she will not have an EOG/EOC score. If your student is taking Math 1, the EOC will count as 20% of the final grade.


Can I use my own laptop?

No, students must use GCS-issued devices. If you have not received one you can sign up for one here Laptop Request Form. Students will receive training on the Chromebooks from their teachers prior to testing.


If I sign up for a laptop, how soon will I get it?

Please allow the school 2-3 days to get your laptop ready for pick up.


Will students need to bring their laptops to the testing site for EOG testing?

Yes, students will need to bring their GCS Chromebook and charger to the testing site on testing day. If a student does not have a GCS laptop, they can sign up for one here. Laptop Request Form.


Can I take my test virtually?

Per state regulation, there is no “opt-out’ provision and these tests must be taken in-person. North Carolina does not offer an online option for any state accountability assessment. Students must test in person at their designated testing site.


When will I know what group my student is in?

Once all students have completed the attendance/transportation confirmation online, students will be placed in groups. Students will receive their group number the week of April 19th.


Will my child be required to wear a mask the entire testing day?

Yes, all students and staff will wear masks the entire testing day and follow all Covid-19 safety protocols.


Why are students having to take both the Math and ELA tests on the same day?

To minimize the number of times students must come into the building, we have scheduled students to take both tests on the same day. 


Can I request a one-on-one setting for my student if they are not medically fragile?

Due to the limitations in staffing and spacing, we are not able to provide one-on-one accommodations without documentation in an IEP or 504.


What items are permitted in the testing site?

Students are allowed to bring a book to read. Medical devices are permitted. Students are not permitted to bring electronic devices. However, cellphones are permitted but must be completely turned off and stored in a book bag or purse until the end of the testing day.


Will teachers collect cellphones and/or electronic devices during testing?

Electronic devices are prohibited. Cellphones must be completely turned off and stored in a bookbag or purse. Teachers will not collect cellphones due to safety protocols.


What happens if my child finishes the test early? Will they be allowed to leave?

Students who finish testing early will be allowed to read. Students will not be allowed to leave until the official testing time has ended.


Can my child be medically exempt if the parent has a chronic medical condition?

Families are encouraged to complete the medical exemption form as this is handled on a case-by-case basis. The Medical Exception form can be found using this link:

Medical Exception Form



What safety protocols will be followed?

Students will follow the same GCS student protocols for in-person learning. The Covid-19 Safety Protocols can be found here.


What if my student does not finish the test in one day?

Students will be allowed the full testing time for EOG/EOC testing. EOG testing allows for two (2) hours and will receive one (1) additional hour, if needed, for a maximum time of three (3) hours. EOC testing will have a maximum of four (4) hours. After those times, there will be a hard stop for all testing.


How will I know which test my child has to take?

6th Graders- ELA and Math End of Grade Testing. Both taken on the same day.


7th Grade- ELA & Math End of Grade Testing. Both taken on the same day.

7th Graders taking Math 1 will also complete the Math 1 EOC. This test will be taken on another day.


8th Grade- ELA, Science & Math End of Grade Testing. ELA and Science will be taken on the same day. Math will be taken on another day.

8th Graders taking Math 1 will complete the Math 1 EOC, instead of the Math 8 EOG. Any student taking Math 2 will not have an EOG or EOC for that course.


What are the times for the testing days?

During testing, students will be at their testing sites from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.


What if my child needs transportation?

Transportation request has closed. However, for those who did, the transportation department will inform us of bus routes and pick-up/drop-off locations. Parents are encouraged to download the Here Comes the Bus App. More information about the app can be found here. Information about school bus rider protocols can be found here.


What testing items will students be provided?

Students will be provided scratch paper and pencils. 8th-grade students will be provided a paper copy of the periodic table for the Science test. All students will learn how to use the online calculator DESMOS for the math EOG/EOC testing. Again, all tests will be online using GCS Chromebooks. Students who do not have a GCS-issued Chromebook can request one here. Laptop Request Form.


What is the dress code during testing?

Students will be required to be in standard mode of dress for Guilford County Schools. The GCS student handbook can be found here.  


What are the lunch protocols during testing?

Students will receive GCS breakfast and lunch. Covid-19 protocols will be in place. Students will eat in their perspective testing classrooms and remain 6 feet apart. Students can bring their lunch if desired. Students can also bring a water bottle but, they are not allowed to drink during testing. They may drink during the breaks. Students will not be allowed to leave for lunch or breaks. Students will be given breaks during testing and during the testing day. Students who need specific dietary plans should complete the lunch form and contact the school. The form can be found here.


What if my child has special nutrition restrictions for lunch?

Please make sure that you have completed the lunch registration form annotating any dietary restrictions for your child. Students who need to apply for free or reduced lunch can do so here. We will work with nutrition to get the schedule ahead of time so that families can prepare.