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Mr Abrahamson: The Heart of the Herd

Mr Abrahamson, HPC English Teacher, has been selected as this month's Heart of the Herd, for going the extra mile for students and colleagues.

Mr. Abrahamson, "I started at HPC way back in 2001, teaching Freshman English. Seems like a lifetime ago! I went on to teach AP and IB courses and am presently teaching English III and IV. I’ve learned a lot from both students and staff over the years – it seems I never stop learning something new. I hope they have learned a thing or two from me. I’ve seen many changes at High Point Central over the years, but the one thing that has always remained the same is Bison Spirit and Commitment. It’s everywhere at HPC -the willingness to help one another, keep it real, keep it moving, and keep on learning. I am honored to be selected as a Heart of the Herd member. "