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ACT Testing: Feb 23 and March 3

The ACT will be administered on February 23rd In-person at High Point Central High School. This test is required by the state for all Juniors and seniors who did not take the ACT in the Spring 2020.

Juniors and Seniors with last names A thru K, will test on February 23Juniors and Seniors with last names L thru Z, will test on March 9Student arrival will begin from 9:30am to 10:15am. We anticipate several delays based on double and triple routes. Students cannot enter building prior to check-in and before 9:30am.

Only seniors that did not test in the Spring 2020 need to take the ACT. Testing will start at approximately 10:30am and end at approximately 3:00pm. Car riders will check in at Tower 2, walkers can check in at Tower 2 or Tower 4, and bus riders will check in at Tower 4. Students will be required to complete an attestation form and have their temperature checked before entering the building. Students are also required to wear a cloth face mask and adhere to social distancing and all health and safety protocols. No gaiters are allowed. For more information, reference the school webpage or contact their school counselor or Mr. Glenn. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!