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Hunter Hoodies

Hunter Hoodies were graciously provided for Hunter Staff and students by donations from SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc., Westover Church, Hoffman and Hoffman, Attorney Bruce Ashley, O.R. Colan and Associates and Wendover Walmart.  The hoodies were designed and printed by SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.  Hunter Administration and Volunteers will begin distribution at 8:30 AM.  Volunteers from the partnering organizations will be at Hunter all day to help us ensure all students and staff receive their Hoodie.  At 1:30, everyone will gather in front of our new building, to take a school photo.  Chris Motsinger, with LifeTouch, has agreed to capture this photo and provide us with copies of the portrait.  This effort is an excellent example of community partners working with the school to provide much needed warmth to our students while also helping us show a sense of pride and unity in the work of Hunter, GCS and education.