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at GCS Locations

GCS has several newer schools with outdoor hotspots for internet connectivity that are accessible by students and their families from school parking lots. 

  • Herbin-Metz Education Center (on Hairston campus, near Falkener)
  • Hunter Elementary School
  • Jamestown Middle School
  • Christine Joyner-Green Education Center (on Ragsdale campus)
  • McNair Elementary School
  • Simkins Elementary School
  • Western Guilford Middle School
  • Eastern High School

Devices can also be connected to GCS Wifi in the Jackson parking lot.

You can view a map of local WiFi hotspots to locate one near you.

Spectrum has also announced that they are opening all of their wifi hotspots to the public without requiring a login. These can be found by searching using the tool Spectrum makes available here: