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Trip to NYC to visit 3Ls classrooms!

On March 20, 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Queens in New York City, New York to observe and meet teachers and adminstrators who have had success using the 3Ls Framework in their classes.  Along with our GCS EL Director, Dr. Mayra Hayes, Lead EL Teacher Soledad Lardies-Dunst, Newcomers CF Valeria Kouba and two other EL teachers, I was able to witness and discuss 3Ls strategies firsthand with Maryann Cucchiarra and the teachers and administrators of the 3Ls Cohort schools.  We even listened to a panel of successful 3Ls students.  I learned so much about how to better use the 3Ls Framework to grow my students' academic knowledge and performance.  It was an exhilirating and inspiring experience!