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Scan the QR code or get the link to the daily STUDENT health certification here

As part of Guilford County Schools’ response to COVID-19, we are requiring that ALL staff, students, and visitors complete a simple health certification prior to entering any Guilford County Schools building.

If you have not pre-certified today, you may scan the appropriate QR code below to certify before entry. You will receive a PASS for the day to show to building staff.

QR code for daily student health certification

You may also install and use the Crisis Go app on your device instead of the QR code. Here are instructions for installing and using the Crisis Go app. 

Video instructions for the app.

You may also use this link to access the health certification. 

 Here's how to log in:

  1. Scan the QR code on the KMS website – scroll down after scanning and sign in at the very bottom where it says in blue “sign in with SSO”. 

  2. Put in the KMS student’s GCS email address and the password (which is their birthdate ---2 digits for month– 2 digits for day -4 digits for year).



    02182006          (THE BIRTHDAY)

    **This information would need to be entered daily if you used the QR code on the KMS website each morning.

If it ask for it twice, put the same thing in the second time as well.


**This information would need to be entered daily if you used the QR code on the KMS website each morning. 

Or…you can wait until you receive the automated email on Monday from CrisisGo (Safety iPass)

   **it comes very early

  **if you are not receiving the email check your clutter/junk

The automated email from CrisisGo (Safety iPass) will be sent to every student every day and they can complete the screener checklist form the email.  You scroll down in the email until you see a blue box – press it and the screener questions will come up.  If you are able to enter the building a green QR code will come up that you will need to show the staff member taking your temperature every day.

Parents listed as the “Primary Contact” will also be sent a daily email from CrisisGo (Safety iPass) as well. 

**You will also be able to complete the screener questions for the student.  Only 1 pass needs to be completed per student

     **if you are not receiving the email check your clutter/junk 

**You will start receiving the automatic emails from CrisisGo(Safety iPass) when it is time for your student’s cohort to return to school..

Any questions, call and ask to speak with Mrs. McHam