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Returning to School Dates & Student/Parent Guide to Return in-Person Learning


Guide for Returning

(Please click link below to read handbook guide)

Student & Parent Return to School In Person Guide


Schedule for Return- Please See below


School Hours

8:55 am to 3:10pm 


Note to Car Riders:

AM: Student drop off is 8:30-9am.  No earlier than 8:30am may a student be dropped off. Tardy Bell is at 8:55am

PM:  Dismissal begins 3:10pm -  Please text your student when you arrive and then your child will be dismissed.


Dates to Return

  • 6th Grade
    • Tiger Cohort A students will begin on Monday, February 22nd          and
    • Pride Cohort B will begin on Thursday, February 25th


  • 7th Grade
    • Tiger Cohort A students will begin on Monday, March 1st     and
    • Pride Cohort B students will begin on Thursday, March 4th


  • 8th Grade
    • Tiger Cohort A students will begin on Monday, March 8th and
    • Pride Cohort B students will begin on Thursday, March 11th.

***Wednesdays will become remote days***

----Students attend two consecutive days weekly

(Ex: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, Friday depending on your cohort day)


Parents, if you indicated to us that your preference was to remain remote, your child will continue to learn remotely as the other students begin to return in-person. The schedule for all students will be adjusted, and it will be closer to the bell schedule for school. The specific times for each core class whether in-person or remote are listed in the Student and Parent Guide to Reopening of Schools. The guide has been attached to the email, and will also be available on the Kiser website. Teachers will also be working with students over the first few weeks to ensure that everyone understand the new schedule and knows when and where to access their live classes. 


It is important the before returning to school that students and families know which Cohort their child is assigned to attend, so they do not show up to school on the wrong days. The student cohort groups were posted for students and families on their math teacher’s Canvas page. You can also contact the front office and we will help notify parents of the correct start date for your specific student. It is also important for parents to login to your student’s PowerSchool account and click on the transportation link to check that bus transportation has been setup. If transportation is ready for your student you will see the transportation details listed on the bottom of that page, which will include bus number, bus stop location and times. It can take several days for the transportation department to setup new stops, so please do not wait until the day before to check.

If you need to request transportation from the district please click on the link: