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Guilford County Division of Public Health has advised GCS that its most recent data indicates that Guilford County health metrics have deteriorated to the point that the county is now in the red zone for multiple community health measures-which places the district at the highest level regarding the risk of transmission in schools.  "As such, we will not move forward with reopening schools tomorrow for all PreK-2 students. (Those who have been attending voluntarily may continue to do so as the numbers are so small as to not have an impact, per public health.  We realize this is frustrating for all involved; however, we cannot move forward while public health is advising us that we are at the highest risk level for transmission.  We plan to confer with public health again on Friday to make a determination as to whether we can move forward next Monday, and will continue to do so weekly.  The bottom line is we want our children back in school because we believe it is the best place for them to be.  However, we cannot do this alone.  Parents and community members have to do their parts by following public health protocols-wear masks/face coverings, stay socially distanced, limit exposure to other people outside of your immediate family, practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Stay home if you're sick-stay home if you have any symptoms, even if mild.  Stay home is you're potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19 or awaiting test results.


We appreciate how hard our teachers, custodians, and support staff have worked to be ready to open tomorrow. We understand this is frustrating for all involved. However, we do not control the spread of COVID-19 in our community -- those outside of our schools do - and we need more help from them if we're going to be able to get our children back in school.


Thanks guys for all your hard work we are truly #LINDLEYSTRONG.