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Principal's Corner

Nathanael Greene Family,
Last night the GCS Board of Education voted and determined that students that have selected to return for face to face instruction starting tomorrow, November 12.
The school day will transition from half day to full day for our kindergartners. Therefore, the school day will be from 7:35 am - 2:05 pm for all Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students. If your child is a car rider, we will begin screening students and parents around 7:20 am or as soon as our bus riders have been released.
I'm asking all car riders to assist us with our routing changes as we adjust to follow Covid-19 safety measures.  Starting November 12, I ask that all parents access our campus from the end of Nat Road that connects with Phillipi or Mabel Lane (which is connected to Bowman Dairy).  This request is in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion on Highway 62.  It will also provide the staff time to screen appropriately.  Please expect some delays as we navigate through this new normal.  
Re-entry for our 3rd - 5th grade students will return on Tuesday, January 5.
Please note that only families that originally opted for face-to-face instruction are able to do so at this point.
Families that selected to remain remote will be able to continue to do so while remaining a part of our school community.
If your child was impacted by roster changes due to staffing changes I have contacted you via Connect Ed.
Thank you in advance as changes may continue to occur as we provide the best safety possible for our students, parents, staff and all guests.

Brian McCain


Nathanael Greene Elementary