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New Form for Educational Absences

Often times our students have amazing opportunities to travel with their families that are during school days. While a child may miss school, we at Northern do value opportunities where students are learning amazing things outside of the classroom! As you may know, certain absences can be excused as an educational opportunity when students miss school due to a trip that does involve learning.

In an effort to have a uniform and accurate system to record these absences, we have created a new form that will need to be filled out in order to seek approval to have these absences recorded as excused with the reason of an educational opportunity.

When using the new form please remember the following that are stated in our Northern handbook:

  • The school administration has the final approval of whether the absence will be excused or not
  • All trips require the attached form and must be submitted 5 days prior to the absence
  • Please submit the form to the front office or our data manager Rebecca Albright at

Thank you so much!

Dr. Richmond

NOTE:  Please stop by the front office for a hard copy of the form or contact your child's teacher for an email copy.