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Congratulations to our Reflection Winners Moving on to the County Level!!

In the Special Artist Category:

Joey Iwunze, Julieta Cortes and Chelsea Jones

In Photography:

Sydney Adam, Rajesh Guiang, Haleigh Pettress, Caeley Lewis

In Dance:

Jayla Froggatt and Emma Bailey

In Literature:

Janjay Gardea and Meghan Fickling

In Visual Arts:

Sarah Willoughby, Kaela Rochester, Lauren Bellows and Caroline Bradshaw

In Music: Janjay Gardea

Honorable Mentions for Visual Art:

Jamie Strickland, Evelyn Salentine, Megan Abbot, Julia Neidziolka, Maura Schoppa, Emily Mercer, Kyleigh Wall, Theresa Ramirez-Rodriguez, Gabby LaFevre and Meghan Fickling