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Summer Athletic Workout Details and Required Documentation for July 6th

Parents there is a lot of information and specific directions that will be communicated to you prior to workouts beginning on July 6th.  The information below is what is important presently.  Please understand that this is not what we want our summer workouts to look like but this is a start to hopefully returning to some sort of normalcy.  As more information is provided please make sure you are following the specific directions of where to be, where to drop off, when to pick up and all relevant directions.   The number of athletes per site is 25 including coaches.  This is why it is so important to drop off your paper work and communicate with your coaches so they can schedule the correct number of athletes at the appropriate time.  If there is any sort of issue, your athlete will not be able to participate in summer workouts.      

  1. The attached documents are required to be turned in prior to July 6th.   Medical history, NCHSAA Initial screeningScreening Questions Document , GCS Covid Waiver GCS Student Waiverand a current physicalParticipation Physical Form.  There is an attachment on what consists of a current physicalCurrent Physical Definitions.   If any paperwork is missing your athlete cannot be on campus.  If your athlete has symptoms and or is running a temperature they cannot be on campus.
  2. There is a daily check in questionnaire, and temperature check in order for your athlete to participate daily.
  3. Coaches will be on campus the following dates to collect all required paperwork and give out detailed information prior to the July 6th start date…
  1. Football- June 30th and July 1st 9:00-11:00 outside of the weight
  2. Soccer- June 29th and June 30th 9:00-11:00 Front of the school
  3. W. Golf- TBA
  4. W. Tennis-July 8th 1:00-3:00
  5. XC- TBA
  6. Volleyball- June 6/25 and 6/26 9:00-11:00 Front of the school
  7. Cheerleading- We are presently conducting interviews to fill vacant positions.

4. Paperwork turned in on the 6th will be taken but the athlete will not be allowed to stay.  Coaches will notify the athlete as to when and what group they will be assigned for workouts.  These groups cannot change.  Coaches will provide more detailed information on what, when and how workouts will take place.

      5. For more information please follow up with your specific fall athletic team coach……

  1. Football- Erik Westberg
  2. Soccer- Aaron King
  3. W. Golf -Ted Bonham
  4. W. Tennis -Luster Parker
  5. XC- Thanh Ngo
  6. Volleyball- Justin Paggao
  7. Cheerleading- Brian Thomas