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Congratulations to Ashoy Wynter, PHS's Poet Laureate!

The High School Poet Laureate Project is an annual celebration and recognition of teen poets in the Guilford County School system.

Page's winner for the 2019-2020 school year is:

Ashoy Wynter


Antidote by Ashoy Wynter
published with permission of the author

You are the antidote to my poison
You soothe the side effects
Which makes me love you
But you never take them away
Which is why I hate you

I take you as my remedy
For the aches and the pains
Expecting to see a new perspective
When I arise

I become fed up and scared
Scared because I am still stuck
Stuck in a dark place
Arms and feet bound from reaching my liberation

Help! I’ll call out
But no one is there to answer

Tears run down my face as I realize
Realize that I could be stuck here forever

I hear laughter from my dark place
Somewhere on the outside is where it originates
I yell a little more for the key to my chains

But no one hears

I jolt forward in my bed,
I wake up

Real tears run down my face

The pain comes back
My antidote is now gone
And this
This is my reality
And My Chains Are Real


I Wish by Ashoy Wynter 
published with permission of the author

I wish I could go back to the day I was born
Before I knew anything
Before I went through my storms
I wish there was a way to reverse it all back
Start from the beginning, and cut myself some slack

Time travel back to 7
When times were simple
When homework used to be slight work
And the playground was my staple

Flash back to elementary
Where kids exchanged snacks
at the lunch table

Fast forward to middle school
Where kids were getting a first-hand experience of what life may actually be

Pause on my present


Where kids walk around with their ears plugged up

Hiding their pain
Hiding their weaknesses

Hoodie pulled up

Fit carefully chosen
Peer pressure

Hair strategically done

I wish we could go back to elementary school
Before the problems of the world hit us like a brick
Before suicide attempts, heartbreaks, emotional scars, and regrets
Just to go back
Back in time when Spongebob was the main topic at the lunch table


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