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Monday Message from Ms. Curry

Good evening, Panthers,This is Principal Curry with your weekly updates.  I would like to start off by thanking all the scholars who campaigned and gave speeches last week.  You truly did an outstanding job and are all winners in my book.  Big thank you to Mr. Wells for reminding us about PBIS and to Mr. Baker for coordination of all student council activities.  You both did a fantastic job.Final voting for student government will take place tomorrow.Special thank you to Mr. Wells, Ms. Pickett, Reid, and Egerton, and Mr. Fuller for taking our 2nd graders to learn to swim.  This is a very important skill for all of our children.Parents if you received have not turned in all documents for registration, including health assessment, and immunization records, tomorrow is the suspension day.  This means your students has been excluded from school and must remain home until those documents are returned to the data manager.  Notices have been given, calls made, and notices sent home in bags.  There are several free clinics where you can get this done.  Unfortunately children will not be allowed back in school until this proof is in hand.Parents, please remember that if you have students who are under 3rd grade, you must be outside at the bus stop in order for the bus to allow your children to get off, unless they are walking with siblings who reside in their house.  Bus drivers will return any students back to school who are not met at the stop.  After three occurrences transportation can be suspended for your scholars.  Our buses pick up several routes at the middle and high schools.  When you are not on your stop, this throws the drivers off from other stops and meeting other parents. This message is from our drivers.This month is bullying prevention month.  Mr. Wells will post conversation starters in DOJO for you to talk to your children about.  Tomorrow we are asking all scholars and teachers to wear blue which represents world day of bully prevention.Parents, please remember to send in doctors notes for student absences due to medical appointments.  If your student has COVID please notify Ms. Watson, our data manager as soon as you have a diagnosis.  CDC recommends students with COVID remain home 5 days from symptoms and then return to school after the 5th day with a mask for five additional days.Parents, we will continue to balance classes this week due to an unexpected larger enrollment.  We are truly excited about our growth but ask for your patience as we receive new teachers.  This will also mean that several students will be moved to new teachers to balance enrollment in classes. Parents I would like to invite you all to come out to our first PTA coordination meeting which will take place on October 12 at 4pm in the auditorium.  At this time, we will select our slate of candidates that will run for office for the 2023/2024 school years.  We had over 100 parents that signed up for PTA this year.  Remember this is your organization and we will need your support and participation. Refreshments will be served.Let’s make it a great week at Parkview Village Expressive Arts Elementary and remember we value you, appreciate you, and we love you and your parents. At Parkview, we are Panthers and we ROAR!