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The Science Fair is back!

Dear Pilot Families,

We are so excited that the Science Fair is back this year at Pilot Elementary! Kindergarten through second grade classes will do a class project in school to submit to the school science fair. Third and fourth graders will do group science fair projects in class. Kindergarten through fourth grade students may do an additional, individual science fair project at home as well.

Fifth graders are expected to do their own science fair project at home. Boards will be given to fifth graders to bring home once they return the bottom portion of their letter.  

Please see important dates and information below for Pilot’s Science Fair:

Science project boards will be due Monday, November 13th.

The steps of the project are:

· Problem/Question (What is my experiment? What am I questioning or testing?)

· Hypothesis (What is my prediction or my best guess of the result of the experiment?)

· Materials (What do I need to use in my experiment?)

· Procedure (What are the steps to this experiment?)

· Observations (What have I observed?)

· Photos/Graphs (Did I take any photos of the experiment? Did I make any graphs to display data?)

· Results (What happened in the experiment? What were the results?)

· Conclusion/Discussion (What did I learn? Was my hypothesis correct?)


*Please do not place any photos or names of the student on the board. (Student name and teacher name and grade level may be written on the back only.)

Your science project may not involve composting of foods, experiments with animals, microorganisms, including molds and yeasts. No props or models may be brought into the school. Only display boards can be brought in.

If your child is doing an additional science fair project at home, please send back the bottom portion of this sheet and give it to your teacher. Your teacher will then return the bottom section of this letter if your project idea is approved.

If you have additional questions about the science fair, please reach out to Ms. Koopman at

Happy experimenting!