Board Approves Demolition of Grimsley Pool

The Guilford County Board of Education voted to use $400,000 provided by the City of Greensboro to demolish the Grimsley High pool and make improvements on the pool at Smith High.

Both pools were built through a joint-use agreement with the City of Greensboro and Guilford County. Under the agreement, the pools were built on GCS property. The Smith pool was owned and operated by the county and the city was responsible for the pool at Grimsley.  A storm in 2011 seriously damaged the pool at Grimsley, but it was never repaired.

The joint use agreement ends on June 30, and the city agreed to provide GCS with $400,000 to repair or demolish the pool at Grimsley.

Since the money does not adequately cover repairs needed to make the Grimsley pool usable, the board voted to demolish the pool and use the balance of the funding to make specified repairs at Smith High, which GCS will take over management of on July 1.

GCS expects the demolition of the building, pool, locker room and toilet facilities to cost about $125,000 and an additional $50,000 to finish grading and miscellaneous issues that may arise. The remaining balance will be used to assist with capital upgrades to the pool at Smith High.

The pool at Smith High needs approximately $532,700 in repairs. It is currently used by GCS high school swim teams, the Greensboro Swimming Association and the Triad Masters Swimming Association.

Once GCS takes control of the pool, it will be used primarily for school swim teams, and will be open to outside groups under facilities use agreements when available.

The board also voted to send a request to the City of Greensboro to replace the pool at Grimsley High.