Board Approves Gym Floor Naming for Former Coach

Grimsely High School’s Sawyer Gym floor will be named after former coach Phil Weaver. The Board of Education approved the name at its regular meeting Thursday night, after a 30-day comment period.

Weaver served Grimsley as a teacher, counselor and coach for 42 years, including the eight years he coached after his retirement. During his tenure, Weaver served as head coach for the men’s and women’s varsity basketball teams and the softball team. He also served as assistant coach for football, baseball, men’s basketball and golf.

During a 30-day public comment period, the district heard from community partners and former students of Coach Weaver.

“He has demonstrated his love of coaching and commitment to coaching through his 40-plus years of service to Grimsley,” said 2002 graduate Kathryn Mills. “I think by naming the court in honor of Phil Weaver that it would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to a coach who loves Grimsley and who has formed many respected relationships throughout the years with student-athletes.”

The Phil Weaver Court will be in the Sawyer Gym, named after another Grimsley legend, Coach Robert Sawyer, who in the nomination wrote, “The Grimsley families of his athletes, most importantly, were blessed that Coach Weaver brought to the table a most dignified professional atmosphere and respect for the safety and well-being of his athletes at home and on the road to competitions.”