The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro pledges $1 million to Say Yes

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro sent out the following news release, announcing their largest grant pledge in the organization's history.

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro has pledged $1 million – the largest grant in its 31-year history – in support of Guilford County’s potential partnership with the national Say Yes to Education initiative.

Foundation leaders cited the organization’s current strategic goal to help tackle local issues around workforce development as a driver of their Say Yes support. In addition to providing all graduates of Guilford County Schools last-dollar tuition scholarships toward post-secondary education, the promise of Say Yes ultimately results in more highly educated and skilled workforce prospects, Foundation President Walker Sanders pointed out.

“And that, in turn, helps Guilford County boost its economy by offering better jobs to local residents, retaining employees and becoming more competitive for new businesses and more jobs locating right here,” Sanders said. “Say Yes will have a far-reaching, positive domino effect for our community.”

The Community Foundation’s commitment brings to $10 million the pledges announced to date in an ongoing $28-million Say Yes fundraising effort. Previous gifts included $5 million from the Phillips Foundation, $2 million from VF Corp., $1 million from United Guaranty Corp. and $1 million from an anonymous donor in High Point. All pledges, including The Community Foundation’s, are contingent on Say Yes officially selecting Guilford as its next Say Yes community. To be selected, Guilford County must achieve several remaining goals – one being fundraising. Say Yes is aiming to make a decision by this fall.

“We are extremely proud to announce this grant, the largest grant The Community Foundation has ever made, said Kathy Manning, chair of the Foundation’s board of directors. “Although this decision involved careful, thorough deliberations, in the end it was an easy decision for our board. The long-term benefits of Say Yes – helping the children of Guilford County obtain higher educational degrees, improving our local workforce and helping grow Guilford’s economy – dovetail perfectly with the Foundation’s current strategic plan. Say Yes will transform Guilford County and impact our community for generations to come. We’re very excited about this potential partnership.”

In early 2014, Guilford County Schools and the Guilford Education Alliance – with the support and assistance of The Community Foundation and the High Point Community Foundation – launched an exploration of a potential partnership with Say Yes to Education.

Founded in 1987, Say Yes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that organizes and galvanizes communities around the goal of every student in the public school system graduating high school, and then helps those students access, afford and complete a college or other post-secondary education. A key component of a Say Yes partnership focuses on how a community addresses the social, emotional and financial barriers that prevent students from achieving this goal.

“This incredible pledge of support from The Community Foundation reiterates that an investment in our students yields returns for our whole community,” said Maurice “Mo” Green, Superintendent of Guilford County Schools.  “We are confident we will provide a great return on that investment.”  

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