Board Extends Superintendent’s Contract

Guilford County Schools Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green has the opportunity to lead the district a while longer. Showing confidence in Green’s leadership, the Guilford County Board of Education voted to extend his contract to the maximum term allowed by law, through June 30, 2018.

Green’s contract includes a 3 percent annual raise, but for the sixth year in a row, he turned down the additional compensation.

“Mo richly deserves any of the raises that have been offered to him, but yet refuses to take them in solidarity with the employees and what the employees have had to go through. That is a rare individual,” said Board Chairman Alan Duncan. “I hope people in the General Assembly are listening, because our schools are being handicapped by not having our employees get the type compensation which they are genuinely entitled with the very high levels which they perform, and our superintendent sets an example that it’s a team effort and a team needs to be rewarded, not just our brand new starting teachers.” 

The Board of Education evaluates the superintendent annually in seven categories: strategic leadership, instructional leadership, cultural leadership, human resources leadership, managerial leadership, external development leadership and micro-political leadership.

In its review, the Board commended the superintendent for his strong character and integrity: “He has high expectations for himself, and works extremely hard to impart his vision for the Guilford County Schools through the creation and continuous monitoring and adjusting of the District Strategic Plan,” said Duncan.

They also commended Green for being fiscally responsible and finding new sources of support for GCS through partnerships with faith organizations, governmental grants, foundation funding and businesses.

The Board noted that the district has not made all the academic progress it would have liked, but they look forward to working with Green on improving those areas in the coming years.

“While there are things I’m certainly pleased to hear in the board’s evaluation, I believe along with the board that we’re not where we want to be with some of our student achievement outcomes,” said Green. “I’m glad we’re going to commit to each other to continue to find initiatives and support initiatives that will enhance and improve outcomes for all of our children.”

Green took the lead job at Guilford County Schools in 2008. Since then, the district has increased the graduation rate from 79.5 to 88.5 percent – the highest four-year graduation rate in district history. In 2014, the district and 14 schools received the Promising Practices Award showcasing innovative character education programs; three schools were named 2014 National Schools of Character; and four schools were named 2014 State Schools of Character.