Bond Funds Transfer Requested for System-Wide Upgrades

Four Guilford County Schools bond projects are complete or nearly complete and under budget. Now, the Guilford County Board of Education wants that saved money to fund system-wide roof, window and door replacements, as well as school security and communication upgrades.

In 2008, Guilford County voters approved $457 million in school construction bonds. To date, more than $350 million has been spent or is currently under contract. Under the terms of the bond, the money must be used for construction, rehabilitation or repair of public schools or for land acquisition. However, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners must approve the projects before the money can be spent.

The four projects at Allen Middle, Grimsley High, Ragsdale High and Allen Jay Middle School-A Preparatory Academy saved more than $327,000. At their meeting Tuesday night, the board requested the commissioners approve $61,960 for roof repair/replacement, $22,476 for window/door replacement and $242,605 for safety, security and communication upgrades.